Compelling reasons why


Technology plays an increasingly important role in how consumers engage with providers of products and services operating in wealth markets.

New well-funded players are coming to market and, through an online experience are challenging established practices and norms. For providers of wealth services, this is leading to increased margin pressure and questions relating to where their value lies.

The challenge for product and service providers is to identify unmet customer needs and remain ahead of these trends to protect margin. But also to offer enhancements to the engagement experience that deliver growth.

We work with businesses to create value propositions that enable them to do this. The first part of the process involves speaking to customers and clients to understand their views on their engagement experience, and future needs.

We look at how value delivered is communicated and assess whether or not clients really understand it. We then map how the proposition can be changed or expanded to deliver greater value. This can result in new income streams, leading to a more engaging client experience as a wider range of needs is met, bringing greater loyalty and advocacy. 

We assist with proposition development through:

  • evaluation of current proposition and operational capability designed to deliver
  • development of new propositions to meet emerging opportunities
  • training and development 
  • messaging and positioning of these in the market

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