The forward view


Successfully executing a high growth strategy depends on how well you know your market, how it is changing and more importantly what is influencing the direction of change. And how this knowledge translates into initiatives that deliver your strategic objectives.

We help our clients understand their market. We look at underdeveloped niches, emerging trends and new opportunities. We define and plan for how these can best be developed. 

To deliver insights and new perspectives, we employ qualitative and quantitative techniques.
We like to understand why clients became clients, what they value and what more you can do for them.

In addition to looking outwith, we look within. We interview employees to understand what they think, to identify areas where gains can be made. Our aim is to understand what makes a business different.

We use this data to create operational improvement programs, to support the sales and marketing strategy, or to inform key business objectives linked to a performance management framework. 

Thought leadership

With the right approach, thought leadership is an effective new business development tool that can be used to raise brand awareness, and create conversations with the right people.

We work with businesses to develop thought leadership programmes to support their wider growth strategy. The output can be targeted at businesses, or individual clients to demonstrate the company has a conscience.

Content can be created through research, or it can be the views of one or a small number of individuals. We work with our clients to define their objectives and determine the most appropriate approach.

Our Insight services include:

  • trend analysis and forecasting
  • end client/customer research
  • service quality assessments
  • internal business reviews incorporating financial and operational assessments
  • intermediary research
  • ​thought leadership programs to support branding building and business development programs

Selected Reading