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Business Development

The successful growth of any business depends to a large extent on the effectiveness of the business development capability.

To understand how effective the business development effort is, we seek to understand the current approach. The skills and capabilities that exist within the team and how effective the business is at managing and bringing together the different business disciplines required to deliver a compelling experience.  

Building on work undertaken as part of the business strategy and where new opportunities have been identified, we define actions from a business development perspective to achieve growth. Breaking this down by segment or customer group, we create plans, messaging and a sales strategy designed to support new business growth. 

When required, we can provide hands on support for business development teams through training, coaching and mentoring.

We help firms with business development through:

  • assessment of business development skills and capabilities
  • assess how the business development function interacts with other business disciplines
  • review of business development plans and initiatives
  • support with development of plans where required
  • ​training, coaching and mentoring of sales and business development personnel


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