Beyond product

Authentic brands

Drawing on our knowledge and experience of wealth markets, we work with growing, authentic brands looking to offer something different.

Luxury is moving away from its traditional definition. It is less about the logo or product and the message it sends to others. It is more about intrinsic self worth, mindful behaviour and meaningful connections.

High net worth individuals have growing social and environmental awareness and are establishing relationships with brands that reflect their own values and beliefs. With more of a willingness to help others, they are seeking philanthropic events and associations.

These needs are changing the way brands need to engage. The experience has to bring new dimensions, be more relevant and authentic. The experience is intimate, spiritual and transformative – allowing for contemplation and appreciation.

High net worth individuals also want to know what lies behind a brand. The people, the manufacturing process, where products are made, the heritage. And the social impact. By being open, brands have a further opportunity to build relationships on an emotional level and establish more meaningful and lasting engagement.

We work with authentic brands offering products and services to high net worth individuals. Businesses that offer something traditional with a high degree of craftsmanship at the heart of what they do. Others are more innovative, seeking to challenge established norms.

We help these businesses think about the future. Changing customer trends, and what they need to do to deliver exceptional client experience. We provide support with thought leadership, strategy and planning, and business development. 

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